There Will Be Blood if "...my baby can't do her 'Booty Back And Forths'!!

Alright, so here is a video about some of the most important and enjoyable parts of our day. It was made between 7:15pm and 7:30pm while we waited for a 522 to take us home. Yes, I talk fast and I lisp. I also am very excitable. I'm not stupid, I know when trucks were around; I just refer to certain points in a certain film that I obsess over at certain times. Like in this video.(Yesterday, Tuesday, was when this was based and is when I began writing this post.) (Andrew, stay tuned. The end of the video concerns you, buddy. Just wait for it. ::thumbs up::)
Other than that, we went to the big Starbucks 'Venti Sized Celebration' at their first store today. We stood next to Mayor Greg Nickels and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz ran into my husband. Not only did Brandon not notice someone had just run into him, but of course he didn't notice who it was either. Shortly after that Brandon made some jokes about spotting Komo 4's Akiko Fujita at the press stand. The comparison was sad and not at all similar. We got bored and decided to head to Borders to make 'There Will Be Blood' ours. On our way out of the Starbucks street celebration Akiko Fujita almost plowed right into us with her giant entourage. How's that for sad. Not only does she suck and is obviously picked on by getting stuck with some really lame stories in some really lame places, but right after a couple of unknown-wannabe kids like us make fun of her, BOOM!, there she is almost ramming into us while being a real diva bitch. Great. Moving on. Today, more than other day since Ellen Page hosted SNL on 03.01.08, I have had, absolutely HAD to quote Kenan Thompson's character from this skit religiously; check out 'Shopping With Virginiaca' :

That video was mildly hilarious the first time, but gets even better. 2 1/2 weeks ago they ran Ellen Page's episode again and I just crack up at this skit every time it crosses my mind. Which is often.

In other news, we may have almost been run down today by the crazy chick who lives accross the street. Andrew and Seth knows what that one means. ;)

By the way, have I ever mentioned how much I love and adore Wikipedia? I do. It' my favorite. And DON'T EVEN get me started on LostPedia.com. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

Alright, we must continue in our adventure that is Freaks And Geeks. How, with my history of favorites like My So Called Life and obscure choices like Flash Forward, did I wait this long to take the advice I have been given for years to see this damn show? We're about to embark on disk 3 0f 6 in the complete collection of the long running program. I predict there will be laughs, there will be snickers, there will be adoration, and last but not least, now everyday of our lives There Will Be Blood. Watch out future movie nights! Here we come!

Night folks!

<3 Ace


I've just been handed this breaking news: There will NOT be pickles or mayonnaise. We are out of both. This sucks because we just bought a whole bunch of sandwich stuff and now we need more. It really does suck. Also, I am thinking about having some of that free Pike Place brew I got today. I really want some, or just coffee in general.

That is all. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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