Some Of Our Favorite Collaborations. -And A Brandon Cox Classic

March 2008
*Let it be known that the peoples in this film are not in fact confirmed gay. Though they are possible homosexuals. This film is entirely the result of a group of us going out for a play date, intending on shooting a short and not having a script. We just dinked around and this is what we got from it: "HUStIFIXION"
Summer 2007
Brandon's take on what would happen if the greatest star in the world were to take on the role of the greatest man who ever lived. Himself. Danny Huston, that is. (NOTE: If you are unaware of who Danny Huston is, you have no place on this blog and are never welcome to come back.)
"oh shit"
Spring 2006
The result of excess footage from our preparation and creative process for The Stranger's 2006 28 second Film Contest. See video "The Stranger" (located below this one) for more information.
"The Stranger"
Spring 2006
The result of our 2006 entry for The Stranger's (Seattle's Only Newspaper) 28 Second film contest. The goal is to create an ad for the paper the doesn't exceed 28 seconds. The winning entry is shown before Stranger sponsored films at The Seattle International Film Festival and aside from amazing exposure, the winners also receive 2 full passes to the festival. We did not win. Obviously. Otherwise, why would we be wasting our time with this blog trying to get people who don't really care to watch our shit.
April 2005
Brandon's ad for an assignment at SFI in which we had to create either a realistic or mock Calvin Klein 'Eternity' ad. His fragrance is ingeniously titled "FUCK".
That's all for now. Stay tuned.

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