TARA: A Collection of Production Stills & Behind The Scenes Photos From Days 1, 2, & 3

Hey everyone! Long time, no see!

This is the first posting for Our Movie Year!

We've been working very hard on our new film "TARA" pre-production began in September 2008 and ended in April 2009. We know, we know. We haven't been very good friends. We haven't made ourselves available. Haven't been there for you. Well sorry. Seven months of pre-production is A LOT for us.

We started shooting in late April and are now roughly halfway through production.

We would like to share some photos with y'all but they're sparse on variety. We have a lot to hide with this one.

What we can tell you is that we're working with our friends Jen Page, Ray Medved, and Dennis James Hardin again! A great cast already and we still have a part up for grabs! This is our second project with Jen and Ray and I believe it's their third together. And this is our third project with Dennis.

As for crew, we have some regulars and some n00bz. Brandon and Alex run the show and fill over half the crew positions a regular set would have, thanks to our perfect training courtesy of the Seattle Film Institute (I'm not being sarcastic). Mami and Andy assisted on Day 1, Chase took over for Andy and Mami on Days 2 and 3, and Vaughn joined us on Day 3 as Gaffer. We have also received help from Dennis, Ray, and Jen on slate, and Ray shot behind the scenes footage on Days 1 and 3.

We'll leave you to it.

From Can't Beat The Rock, here are our stills from the first 3 days of filming TARA:

Mami Shimada on slate. Day 1

Dennis James Hardin as The Waiter, enjoys the taste of blood. Day 1

Dennis behind the scenes. He's really happy about how tasty we made the blood for "TARA", and grateful it wasn't like the blood on "Smear.". Day 1

Jen's "cuticle tear" makeup. Day 1

Jen Page behind the scenes. Day 2

Dennis hamming it up for the camera between takes. Day 2

Calm before the storm: Ray Medved, Dennis, and Alex chillin' out before beginning the 4 hour shoot; 10PM-2AM. Day 2

Jen Page as TARA, flags down a car. Day 2

Jen Page as TARA, flags down a car. Day 2

Jen Page as TARA, flags down a car. Day 2

Jen Page as TARA, flags down a car. Day 2

Jen Page as TARA, approaches with caution. Day 2

Ray Medved as The Driver, picks himself up a midnight snack. Day 2

Behind the scenes peek at setting up a key shot; Alex explains the scene and shot to Jen and Ray. Day 2 Jen and Ray perform the scene perfectly! Day 2

Ray on slate for the "Reveal" scene: A very important scene in the film that we all enjoyed blocking. Many times. It was "classic". Day 2

Ray Medved as The Driver, finds himself in a moment of self-reflection. Day 2

Behind the scenes: Jen prepares to peal out. Day 2

Jen Page as TARA, finds a window of opportunity. Day 2

Alex, Dennis, Ray, and Jen head back to the base a little after 2AM. Day 2

Alex, Dennis, Ray, and Jen stop for a posed photo-op from Brandon. We don't look tired at all . . . Day 2

Jen is such a good sport!! Alex's applied prosthetic. Day 3

Dennis and Jen look on as Alex works on something. What could it be? You'll have to wait for the film's release. Day 3

Our new crew members!! We are very grateful for for all of Chase and Vaughn's help! Chase is in lieu of Andy Heye. Vaughn dressed for the job and brought his own reflectors . . . on his jacket. We finally have interns! It feels like The Life Aquatic. Day 3

Another teaser. And whatever you may be thinking it is --IT'S NOT WHAT YOU'RE THINKING!! So there. & this too was "classic". Day 3

As usual, thank you participating in our mind control experi-- uh blog. Thank you for visiting our blog.

<3 Ace

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