For Nuutti: "Paisley Goes To Hell" auditions at SFI from Sat. 06.21.08

Here they are!

Hopefully stuff clicks together and you won't have to stress about some stuff anymore starting with the watching of these.

:) :)

We made the monologues kinda fun . . . Also, Jon and Ray wrote their own stuff. Enjoy Jon's. It's fun stuff . . . :) I'm so excited to do the project and I am really looking forward to seeing you. I think 3 years is a ridiculous amount of time, especially since we have had to endure people from the class that we totally never wanted to spend time but we love being around you and you're so far away. Hopefully the future holds a job in Vancouver for you within the next couple of years or so. That would be perfect ;)

Enjoy how we spent our Saturday:

(and -- THANK YOU, KYLE!!!!!)

The Stills:

Jon Hendrickson

Lana Maseda

Jen Page

Alexandra Monteer

Bradley Harrington

Ray Medved

Mick Gamache

Sasha Stuber

The Videos:

The Script Readings

The Guys' Monologues

The Gal's Monologues

As usual, thank you to any and all people out there who take the time to view our page. We appreciate you spending moments enjoying, disapproving, and/or making fun of the things we love to do. We thank you for any appreciation you have for our projects, and feel sorry for you if you don't understand us; even though we don't understand us, we find it sad that you feel the same way we do. Now I take a curtsy and exit stage left. Thank you for your visit.

<3 Ace

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