Batman Carpools

This past Thursday night, the 6th, while watching Lost and discussing the name we will name our imaginary future daughter, we decided to start a blog. We have too much free time and way too much fun to not contribute ourselves to society in some way. So, this is it.
Saturday morning, we went to sleep at almost 10 the morning and awoke around 7:45pm. What kept us awake an extra few hours was a man in a red van. We were sitting in bed having some quirky discussion and trying to get past our failed attempt/goal of being drunk all nigt and passing out while the sun rose. While we had our discussion we heard a car alarm. Knowing our neighborhood, we assumed it to be a break-in and scoped out the situation.
What we found was a man getting out of the back of his van as if he'd slept in it all night. He went to some bushes and took a piss, then proceeded into the drivers seat where he seemed to be touching himself. We could not see exactly what was happening due to the surrounding shadows from the sun coming up. However, we did notice that something started to grow. A shadow cast onto the passenger seat side of the windsheild took form of a well loved and respected caped crusader.
Part in awe of the man possibly becomming intimate with himself in an assigned parking spot at an apartment building, part in awe of the Jesus or Virgin Mary-like apparition. This went on for at least an hour and a half. The most exciting part had to be when Batman's right ear got a little bit longer than it started out. (Of course the right ear is on the left in the photo.)
We thought it pretty impressive when Saturday night ended with, naturally, Saturday Night Live's new Digital Short with Andy Samberg doing what? Singing? Come on! That's pretty much all that Andy Does in Digital Shorts. And considering today, I hope this one garners the popularity of the others (Lazy Sunday and Dick In A Box; minus the Grammy for Dick In A Box).
Watching the moody tones and thematic elements of the short, I looked at Brandon while I was cooking our lunch (yes, lunch is served at midnight) and said something like, "It's Batman again!!" Yeah, sorry I don't know exactly what I said, it's been a blury couple days.
So, to cap off, or book end the decision we made on Thursday to start a blog, with current times (today): Ben (Michael Emmerson) told John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) that the island is reminiscent of visions folks have of miraculous occurances, and here we are starting our blog that we planned that night with a post about the greatest sighting of our lifetime: Marvel and Gotham's dark, brooding crime fighter.
- <3 Ace
Brandon said he had nothing to contribute to this post, but while photographing horny guy and Batman, he became creepily enamoured with the pigeons that dwell on our unnecessarily large deck. Here is his favorite photo of the bird he called Snow White. Like I said, creepy.
(He also yelled at every bird that visited after "Snow White" left because they were either "ugly" or "not as pretty". I'm glad that my husband is straight.)
-Ace, once more

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